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A brunch with much quantity, but lacking in quality. The city of Montpellier is, without a doubt, a small gem, but I wasn’t fortunate in my brunch selection

Brunch in Montpellier–Le Patacrepe-Sweet dishMontpellier is a city in the south of France which has demonstrated continual growth for the past 50 years, so when visiting, it is very easy to encounter the zones predominated by new construction, which, of course, show less charm than the more ancient part of town, which is fairly small, but very lovely and well maintained.

Brunch here is not a very ingrained concept, but you do come across some places that offer it. In order to take advantage of discovering another area of the city, we decided to brunch at Patacrêpe, located near the river and a pond. Once already there did I realize that unfortunately, Patacrêpe is a franchise also present in other French cities.

This brunch in Montpellier has no selection of dishes; there is only a menu, which consists of one savory plate and a sweet one. The savory dish is composed of: sausage from Toulouse (very good), fried eggs, bacon, salmon, cabbage salad, potatoes, and of course, cheese! The sweet dish consists of two pancakes and a toasted bread to be spread with jam, salted butter, salted butter caramel, maple syrup, and nutella. The plate also includes a fruit salad with yogurt. The drinks which complement the brunch, included in the price of 18,50€, are: two warm drinks, orange juice, and a cup of cider.
In general, the price for meals is much higher in France than in Spain, and in Montpellier it also changes between the older part of town and the area exterior of the ancient walls.

Reachable in a little over 3 hours by train from Barcelona, it is very worth visiting this little gem for at least 3 days. In terms of brunch, I would advise to remain by the old part of town, for it really wasn’t worth the whole trip to this place which doesn’t offer anything special, unless of course, you are in the mood of eating a big quantity for a moderate price.

Opening hours:
Mon – Sun: 11h – 23h

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