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Which of you began the year with a brunch? I myself was lucky enough to start my year with a brunch in Mallorca to add it to the category “traveling brunch”.

As you can imagine, a visit to the island at the start of the year in the quiet season is nothing compared to a visit in the middle of summer. The hotels are nearly all closed, as are most restaurants and shops – the streets are quiet and there’s no traffic, although there was still a little sun to lift the spirits.

For this trip I stayed for a few days in Cala Millor, where the closest beach is simple amazing, long, wide and with white sand.


For brunch we went to Cala Ratjada, about 20 minutes away by car. Here the restaurants have menus and signs in German – some even have them not even in Spanish.

I imagine that as in Germany most brunches are buffets, what’s on offer in this part of the island would be adapted to its usual clientele, and in fact there are many restaurants that offer brunch and breakfast in the form of a buffet.

We tried the brunch at Bon Sol Lounge, which this summer will become “Café del Mar”. Despite the change of name, it will keep its current selection of offerings. In winter their breakfast/brunch is between 8:30 and 12:30 and opened only on weekends, while in summer they offer it every day.

Brunch with a view in Mallorca

The Bon Sol has a large terrace with sea views. The outside has a self-service machine for coffee, tea and hot chocolate, while the buffet is inside. I imagine that the buffet was quite quiet that day because they didn’t expect many customers, but in the summer it might be much busier. What was not lacking was the chocolate fountain.

In addition to the buffet, they bought us a plate of fried and scrambled eggs, bacon and grilled pork steaks.

Eggs and beicon for a brunch in Mallorca

The price of €9.90 also included unlimited orange juice.

When you finish your brunch I recommend going for a walk along the coast to Cala Gat, a beautiful beach, where it must be a real pleasure to go for a swim in the summer. I also recommend the visit of Capdepere lighthouse, from where you could see Menorca island.

Cala Gat y faro de Capdepera-Mallorca


Mapa Mallorca

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