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One of the most recommended brunch in London, not only for its food and spaces, but also for its unique locations with secrets hidden within them.

Brunch in London-The Breakfast Club-Veggie All americans As you can well imagine, London offers a wide selection of brunches and it is no easy task to choose just one place. I decided to consult various Londoners who, amongst other places, recommended The Breakfast Club, the Spitalfields one to be precise.
Considering the fact that reservations are not possible and that there is always a long wait on the weekends, I decided to go on a Monday, and even then we were faced with a line to enter. The wait was worth it though, without a doubt, not only to experience the eclectic ambiance but also for its incredible and delicious gastronomic offer.

The access corridor to the restaurant is filled with absurd objects, and the 80’s pop culture style décor is very eccentric in general. You will surely not get bored as you wait… And once seated, it will take you quite a while to choose your plate due to its extensive selection: sandwiches, wraps, French toast, fruit and oats, egg dishes, pancakes, hamburgers, salads, and much more!

London has higher prices than Spain in general, and you might come across some very expensive brunches. The Breakfast Club, however, has decent average prices, and you won’t leave thinking you’ve just left one month’s salary behind.

A distinctive fact about this restaurant is a huge refrigerator located next to the bar, which actually gives access to a “secret” establishment called “The Major of Scaredy Town”. To enter you will have to ask the right question…

As of now, there are five Breakfast Clubs in London (plus one which is about to open) all located in different neighbourhoods, each with its unique style and amusing stories.
For those who don’t mind spending a larger quantity while enjoying a London view from the 40th floor of Heron Tower, I recommend Duck & Waffle, which is located in the same area. Keep in mind that they also have a bar, so I suggest going up to the 40th floor on the elevator, which takes less than a minute, to enjoy a cocktail in a remarkable location as you get inspired by the incredible landscape.

Opening hours:
Mon – Wed: 7:30h – 23h
Thu & Fri: 7:30h – 00h
Sat: 8h – 00h
Sun: 8h – 22:30h

Extra: a fridge is the access to a “secret” bar

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