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Eggs with salmon in brunch in Coruna in Pandelino
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On 07/01/2016
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The beginning is the most important part of any work. (Plato)

New year, new starts and thousands of new opportunities. No, it isn’t a coincidence that I’ve chosen a traveller’s brunch for the first post of 2016.

I went to Galicia in November last year to visit my friend Tania, and talk about our travels and plans for the coming year. The occasion was made to measure for a taste of one of the best brunches in Coruna, Pandelino.

Pandelino is a bakery/shop/restaurant – that’s right, it really does have everything!
The bakery offers gourmet bread made without chemical additives, as well as daily baked cakes.
In the shops you will find organic artisan products – from both known brands and one’s made on the premises. You can also buy accessories to decorate your table and kitchen and make a welcoming, special atmosphere.

In the open, inviting space there’s a menu for every moment of the day – breakfast, lunch, dinner and (on Saturdays and Sundays) brunch!

Juices and pastry in brunch in Coruna in Pandelino

The food offer

For your brunch you can choose eggs benedict and add what you most fancy from the menu – or you can opt to choose from one of their brunch menus:
Menu 1 (17,50€):
Juice (orange, orange+carrot+ginger, home-made lemonade)
Eggs benedict with salmon
Cheese plate with a bread selection
Slice of a cake of your choice, or brownie fingers
Coffee or tea
Bloody Mary 
Menu 2 (13,50€):
Orange juice or home-made lemonade
Mini selection of pastries or toast
Eggs with ham and asparagus
Finger sandwiches
Slice of a cake of your choice
Coffee or tea
Glass of cava
We definitely wanted to try both menus and now I don’t know which one I prefer. This brunch had everything, delicious food and drinks, a fair price and excellent service. I’d love there to be a Pandelino in Barcelona!

Cheese plate in brunch in Coruna in Pandelino

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