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Brunch in Barcelona Marmalade - Chicken burguer
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On 30/11/2012
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If you are meeting up with a few friends for brunch, this restaurant in Raval is the best solution. Spacious and with an assorted menu, you could spend all day there and even stay late at night for some drinks.

Marmalade - Brunch in Barcelona - Chicken burguer I went to Marmalade for brunch on a Friday, when we could enjoy the weekly offer (Monday to Friday) for 9,75€ including a brunch main course or a hamburger, a beverage and dessert or coffee. We tried the chicken burger and a caeser salad, both of them delicious. The contour of the coated chicken filet was bigger than the bred and the salad and sauce made everything pretty juicy. The salad sauce was mild and delicate, one of the best I have ever tried. One of the desserts we could choose from was pancakes, but we chose vanilla ice-cream because we didn’t have much space left.

The place is very cosy and the kind manners of the waiters make you feel home. With a pool table on one site and comfy couches on the other one you can also stay there until late at night. During the day the large windows permit the natural light to illuminate the interior. We decided to have the dessert on the big terrace where each table is decorated with flowers, which give a cheerful touch.

Considering the location, in the middle of Raval, it is advisable not to leave mobile phones or sunglasses on the table, even if you are sitting there. The ladies restroom, with its vintage style and medium size, was very clean and had papers and soap. If needed, you can take advantage of the Wi-Fi connection inside. Outside on the terrace you can enjoy your brunch while reading one of the newspapers available for the customers. Soon we’ll discover the brother restaurant Milk.

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