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Brunch in Barcelona - Keik - Eggs
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On 30/12/2012
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This restaurant with this funny name is located in a very nice street with huge sidewalks. You can choose if you want to enjoy Barcelona’s sun having a seat in Keik’s terrace or if you prefer to take your brunch sitting inside on the comfortable wall bench, admiring the cakes in the counter and the nice decoration.

Brunch with cake in KeikWhile we were walking on the spacious sidewalk to reach the restaurant Keik, we could notice the nice terrace already from a quite distance. Each of its tables was decorated with a plant, lanterns hung from each corner of the two big parasols and a couple of outdoor heaters were ready for cold people. We reserved a table inside and entering the place we felt very welcomed. The restaurant is very bright, with lots of natural light coming from outside, a relaxing green colour on the ceiling and each table decorated with a nice vase with flowers.

The brunch menu costs 12€ and includes: • a smoothie, • a coffee or tea, • a piece of cake or French toasts or granola and • a sandwich or eggs benedict or crumbled eggs with bacon, Spanish ham, cheese and mushrooms on a bed of rocket. For Mimosa fans it’s possible to swap your smoothie for this one. We decided to order crumbled eggs try three different types of cakes: the Carrot’s Keik, the CheesKeik and the Arequipe’s Keik with chocolate and dulce de leche. I’m not sure which one was more delicious! The relation quality-prize is more than fair and, by the way, the portions are so abundant that I wasn’t able to finish everything. It is also possible to order take-away food and get a 5% discount off. The ferrocarril station is not far away from Keik, but if you prefer you can also arrive by bus or bike. There is a bicing stop right in front of the restaurant. I believe it’s important to mention that Keik is a solidarity company participating in the Intermón Oxfam’s program Transforma. From their menu you can choose many dishes knowing that you are helping people.

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