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On 26/01/2015
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A brunch in Bangkok whose incredibly “Western” style will surprise you. A vast menu with dishes that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also delicious.

Brunch in Bangkok–Rocket Coffeebar-Waffles and coffeeIn Thailand they eat at any time of the day, and on every corner street, which is why brunch still remains a very “western” concept. Considering the great number of foreigners who live in Bangkok, as well as the vast quantity of tourists it receives, the availability of a typical brunch is more than reasonable. Navigating through this city is not the easiest task, so I suggest finding a place closer to where you are staying. This website helped me gain a certain understanding of what the city has to offer and led me to Rocket S.12, one of the three Rocket Coffeebar cafés in Bangkok: brunch in Bangkok

When we first arrived to the café, it was like finding an island of “westernization” in a street, which was also offering street food. The place is not that big, but the space itself is conveniently used with its seats in a low bar and a very “North European” décor. If you are not a fan of high air conditioner, I recommend the tables on the lateral terrace, which oversee a closed street, where the ceiling fans impede the heat and the humidity to get too overwhelming. The café’s brunch offer is surprising and completely unexpected. Natural juices, like the spinach or beet, felt like paradise after having to walk around for a while before sitting at the table. Since we were starving upon arrival, we ordered a cookie to tame our hunger, which has been one of the best I’ve ever eaten. From the menu, we ordered the “The Muffin” eggs, which was an open English muffin with scrambled eggs and sour cream, crunchy prosciutto crudo, and chives, and also the “Banana Waffles” with mascarpone cream, strawberry and lavender jam, and fresh strawberries.
The presentation of the plates is incredible, like if every single detail had been arranged for the perfect pictures, which you will also not want to spend too much time on, to be able to enjoy these delicacies. Considering the mid-range prices of Thai food, and mostly street food, the brunch has prices closer to the western ones, a small luxury for a few locals.

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