Brunch in Fuerteventura – Mixing work with pleasure

Brunch in Fuerteventura - Mixing work with pleasure

At the end of March it was finally time for my first holiday of 2017. More than a holiday this trip was something like a “work retreat” in a coliving and coworking in Fuerteventura (Canary Islands). I will tell you more about the experience of coliving in a more detailed post, because here I want to tell you about what is not work related and, of course, about the brunch in Fuerteventura that I got to try.

Before we get into details, have a look at the video I edited >> Switch the music on <<

Flights and transport to Corralejo

Only one month before the trip I found on skyscanner a round trip ticket from Barcelona for about 75€, a price that seems quite cheap, considering that it’s a 3 hours flight.

Once on the island, I would recommend renting a car, which would be very convenient also for the transfer from the airport. The prices are usually cheap and, in addition, you have to keep in mind that public transport is not efficient at all.

I did not rent a car for the week, but with my roommates we rented one just for the Sunday.

To get from the airport to Corralejo, where the coworking is located, I used the company Shuttle direct that allowed me to buy the ticket online. I thought I was going to find a bus from that company, but it actually looks like a public bus and it’s not from the company. I confess that I did not understand very well how it works, because when I got to the bus I had to wait for more than half an hour before leaving the airport, while other people whom I spoke with, had to wait up to an hour or just a few minutes.

Basically the driver has the list of people and the address where they have to go, so we made several stops before they left me near the coworking. At the time of booking the ticket they ask you the address of your accommodation so that they know where they have to stop for you. If you are in a private accommodation they will contact you to inform you that they don’t stop in private accommodations and will indicate the address where they will leave you. In my case they left me just one street away.

Keep in mind that for the trip back to the airport you have to call the agency two days before so you can confirm with them your flight’s departure time and the time and place where they will pick you up.

Brunch in Fuerteventura - Mixing work with pleasure - Corralejo harbor

Accommodation in Fuerteventura

I chose this destination because I needed a break from the city and wanted to concentrate on working on the blog. Yes, I was successful and if you are interested in knowing more, you can read my post about my experience of coliving and coworking in Fuerteventura that I will publish very soon.

Brunch in Fuerteventura - Mixing work with pleasure - Coliving

Brunch in Fuerteventura

A brunch cannot be missed in my travels and it’s funny that I have managed to find one in almost all my trips. So if I could find one in Thailand or Guatemala I knew I could probably find one in Fuerteventura. And I was right.

The brunch in Fuerteventura that I could find it’s the one at the restaurant 722º in Lajares, between Corralejo and Cotillo.

It’s not a brunch with the most typical dishes like pancakes or eggs benedict, but its format of all-you-can-eat buffet it’s pretty close to the concept of brunch. Like many restaurants in Fuerteventura, this is also run by Italians and many of the buffet dishes are typical Italian, with many options for vegetarians. They serve it on Sundays from 11am to 3:30pm. It costs 12€ and does not include drinks.

Brunch in Fuerteventura - Mixing work with pleasure - Restaurant 722

The Volcano El Calderón Hondo

This volcano is located just a few hundred meters from the brunch place. Climbing the crater takes about an hour and it’s a fairly easy climb. Only at the very end there are some steep steps to arrive to what is the highest part of the crater. On the way, and especially at the top, you will come across with several squirrels looking food, so if you have some nuts with you they will surely get very close to say hi.

Brunch in Fuerteventura - Mixing work with pleasure - El Calderón Hondo volcano

Sunrise in Corralejo and sunset in El Cotillo

El Cotillo is located on the west coast of the island. It is a small charming town and from here you can see how the sun disappears behind the horizon. The day we went to see this sunset, we weren’t that lucky because there was some fog. Oh well, I am collecting failed sunsets and sunrises. To name just a few: the sunset at the lighthouse in Formentera or the sunrise in the Tikal park in Guatemala. (Links)

Seeing the sunrise in Corralejo was a lot easier and I could have even made more attempts because my accommodation was just 5 minutes walk from the east coast of the island.

Brunch in Fuerteventura - Mixing work with pleasure - Sunrise at Corralejo

Weather in Corralejo

I traveled at the end of March and although it was hotter than in Barcelona, for me it wasn’t hot enough to go to the beach, except for a day or two. The problem was the wind. The sun is hot, but the wind is cold and if it blows early in the morning or at night, you better wear something warm. In addition, from what I have been told, the weather is pretty much similar throughout the year and during the summer time the wind is what allows you to tolerate the hot weather.

Brunch in Fuerteventura - Mixing work with pleasure - Beach at Corralejo

In a week in Fuerteventura concentrating on working on my blog, I didn’t spend much time exploring the island, but I know I will be back, maybe even for a longer period, and then I will rent a car to tour the island and its beaches.

Brunch in Fuerteventura - Mixing work with pleasure - Corralejo
If you are planning on visiting the Canary Islands, another mandatory destination is Tenerife. And in case you’re wondering, yes, you can brunch also in Tenerife.

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