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On 07/12/2014
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A brunch by weight in Brussels with an open buffet, where you serve yourself what you want and only pay for what you eat.

Brunch by weight in Brussels–Epaule Jete-SweetsIn Brussels, it appears to be normal to only pay for the exact weight of what you eat. Amongst the vast selection of brunches in this European capital, I was captivated by Épaulé Jeté because of its interesting concept, although my friend confirmed that it’s actually quite common in Brussels. How does it work exactly? There is an open buffet from which you serve yourself, and once you have selected what you want, you go to the cash register where your plate is then weighed on a previously tare scale. Bad news for the big eaters and fans of open buffets! However, if you are one of those who has a smaller appetite and who disagrees with having to pay a large sum of money for an open buffet, this system is for you! I took advantage and pampered myself with a first round of sweets and a second round of savory dishes. Also, you do not have to pay after each single round, because you are given a small paper to pay the total amount before leaving. The buffet at Épaulé Jeté includes a selection of cold savory dishes like a variety of salads, ham, and cheese, hot dishes which include meats, fish, and vegetables, and the sweet part with its own bakery which offers many types of breads, jams, and pancakes. The restaurant itself does not have a particularly cozy style, but has more of a vintage touch.

Its location however is excellent, right in Place Flagey, one of the most popular plazas in Brussels, where people come together during weekends to go eat or drink something in the open–air market as long as the weather allows to do so. I wasn’t as lucky, but I hope you are!

Price: 3,5€/100gr

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