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On 17/05/2015
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La Bruncheria was born less than a block away from the Sagrada Familia, a bar and cafeteria that offers… brunch every day.

Brunch at Sagrada Familia-La Bruncheria-InteriorA small entrance for a big establishment, whose most natural light pierces through the main entrance and the semi-open kitchen at the end of the room, which probably faces an interior patio.
The establishment has been re-decorated with gray, white, and clear colors, and the turquoise theme from its logo is found printed throughout coasters, tablecloths, and straws. The effort to find sought-after details is evident, like the “writer’s corner”: a small table with a typewriter, a half-filled bottle of Soberano, a glass, an ashtray, a radio, a picture frame with a price listing whose age and topic is unknown, and to complete, a radio from the 50’s hanging from the wall.
However, the hanging TV in the back end corner of the bar, and the slot machine in the entrance, as well as the tables and the chairs, reveal a reality of the bar’s previous life, which for some, may give it a charming touch.
The menu offers bagels, pancakes, sandwiches, and brunch dishes. There aren’t many choices for vegetarians, so my vegetarian friend who accompanied me, chose the bagel with tomato, mozzarella, and vegetables, served alongside bagged potato sticks.
The eggs benedict are accompanied by delicious homemade potatoes, and a very simple salad, and you can also choose if you’d like bacon, turkey, or ham. As an advice, the turkey doesn’t pair too well…
For dessert, we ordered a bagel with nutella, which was literally an open-faced bagel spread with nutella. What was really good, with a slight overly sweet touch, was the yogurt with muesli and strawberries.

In my opinion, this brunch by the Sagrada Familia, offered by a place that calls itself “La Brunchería,” is a bit too plain, although I do have to admit that my philosophy is to never order in a restaurant what I can prepare at home with little effort… Scrambled eggs, bacon, and toasted bread, I believe can be easily prepared by anyone at home. I have to say, though, that these guys have recently opened and I guess they will adapt the menu to the demand.

The service was correct, with a formal treatment. To me personally, what was lacking, was a warmer and intimate approach, and maybe even a smile.

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