Brunch with burritos, pancakes and fresh juices – Garbizu delicatessen


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A cook/illustrator has recently opened this American style hamburger shop, which offers brunch with burritos, pancakes and fresh juices every Saturday and Sunday.

Brunch with burritos, pancakes and fresh juices-Garbizu delicatessen-Brunch and fresh juices The Garbizu Delicatessen is not the first place to offer hamburgers for brunch, but it is the only one (that I have yet discovered) to add burritos. The brunch menu is simple: burritos, pancakes, muesli, milkshakes, desserts, and natural juices. Make your own burrito by selecting up to 6 of the following ingredients: eggs, cheese, ham, peppers and onion, bacon, and jalapeños. For the pancakes, you can select up to 3 ingredients and each portion contains 4 units for the price of only 5€. And of course, nothing stops you from enjoying your brunch with one of their famous hamburgers!

The decoration is very American, with high tables and stools, and regular tables with fitted benches. The plates, the cups, and the glasses are all personalized and printed with the restaurant’s name, which you can find on sale, just like the cook’s drawing book. The façade also contains luminous, neon signs.
Another great brunch in the Sant Antoni neighborhood to be added to the recommended list!

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