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A brunch at Santa Cruz de Tenerife in a space of great charm. The price of 15€ +IGIC* includes: 4 savory plates, natural juice or cava (Spanish sparkling wine), and coffee or tea. The cook, Armando Saldanha, offers a different theme every month.

Brunch in Santa Cruz de Tenerife–Gastrobar MNH-Mini pizza Acting as one of the very few brunches in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, it has a special setting, which consists of the Museum of Man and Nature. Winner of Madrid Fusión’s seventh competition of creative cuisine, Armando Saldanha offers a Sunday brunch, which varies its theme monthly.
As a peculiar coincidence of life, the month’s edition in which my visit took place was dedicated to Italy. The general formula is that for the price of 15€ +IGIC* the menu includes: a natural juice, cava or Bellini, coffee or tea, 4 savory plates, and dessert.
The menu of the special Italian brunch 5.2 was as follows:
Mortadella and small triangles of fried dough
Focaccia with ham, brie, and truffle mayonnaise
– Bresaola pizza, parmesan cheese, arugula, and tomato
Tagliatelle with egg and parmesan cheese.
– Mascarpone cream with Panettone crumbs and balsamic vinegar.
Everything was very delicious, but quite repetitive. It does not take a kitchen expert to know that Italian cuisine uses many more ingredients besides cheese, cured meats, flour, and water for the dough… the Tagliatelle were served with a raw egg yolk on top. I first thought the concept was for it to create a carbonara effect, which would have been great if only the pasta had been a bit warm.
The environment in which this brunch takes place is rather special, although it’s recommended to sit inside during winter, even if you’re faced with a sunny day. The outdoor patio is found in the shade where the wind can be strongly felt. Smokers, be advised that it is prohibited to smoke in the exterior patio.

*IGIC = equivalent to VAT (7% in 2013)

Opening hours:
Mon: 8h – 17h
Tue & Wed: 8h – 20h
Thu & Fri: 8h – 23h
Sat: 10h – 23h
Sun: 10h – 17h

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