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Brunch at home with free delivery–Baci d Angelo-ContentI found out about Baci d’Angelo when a few years ago they opened a shop offering an incredible brunch buffet. Today the situation of these two pastry chefs is quite different. Nowadays they mainly organise caterings for events, but they haven’t abandoned the brunch idea and now they deliver it to your home. On their website you can choose one of their brunch options and they will deliver FREE to your house, if you live in Barcelona or near the city. You simply have to choose when you would like to receive the delivery (between 7am and 2pm), giving a margin of one hour time. You can place the order up until 5pm of the day before. There are various kinds of brunch with different prices and you can even personalise your order with optional extras – as well as cocktails which come served in little bottles.

The brunch which I tried was the ‘Florentine Brunch’, worth 24,59€, which includes:

– 2 mini all-butter croissants
– 2 ‘napolitanas’ chocolate pastries
– A selection of jams and butter
– One bottle of Freixenet cava
– 2 cava glasses
– A bottle of natural orange juice
– Seasonal salad with ecologically-sourced vegetables
– Mini portions of olive oil, vinegar and salt
– An open sesame bagel, ready toasted
– Philadelphia
– 2 bread rolls with poached quail eggs, mayonnaise and rocket lettuce
– Natural fruit salad
– 2 chocolate and nut brownies

As you can see, all the ítems are freshly made, and the drinks – such as the cocktail and the cava – are served well chilled. The orange juice is also freshly pressed.

Come on, that’s a bargain for a delicious brunch at home with free delivery that you can enjoy without even having to leave your bed!

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