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The new Alsur Café Llúria offers a brunch around downtown Barcelona which you can enjoy any day of the week at any time you desire.

Brunch around downtown Barcelona–Alsur Cafe Lluria-Scones with mascarpone cheese Alsur Café opened last week and some of us bloggers were invited to try its brunch filled with innovative ideas. It was a very interesting event that I personally appreciated greatly because it was, in some way, recognition for all the hard work, dedication, and passion that a blogger devotes to his/her work.
Alsur Café Lluria (located in Roger de Lluria Street) focuses on brunch and as its hash tag in Spanish (#LQQCQ) states: Lo Que Quieras Cuando Quieras (What you want, when you want), here you will be able to enjoy what you most feel like eating at any time of the day, everyday of the week.
During the event we tried various sweet and savory dishes, and some with a sweet and salty combination, such as the eggs benedict and florentine served on top of a base of scones. My favorite was the Griddle cake, which are savory pancakes with bacon, Cheddar cheese, corn, and maple syrup. Among the sweet dishes, the scones with mascarpone cream and fruit are definitely a keeper. In the menu you will also find salads, hamburgers, sandwiches, and some typical tapas from Alsur Café.
If you are amongst those who would spend nights out in this location while it was still a club, you will be surprised by its change. The restaurant has tons of natural light and the décor chosen is very welcoming and cozy, with a modern Mediterranean style. Its location, near Urquinaona plaza, makes it the perfect spot for a brunch or simply a place to enjoy an afternoon snack with some delicious tarts. Personally, I consider the prices a bit higher than the average, but I’ll wait for your opinion on its quality to price ratio 🙂 If you feel like having brunch around downtown Barcelona at any time you crave it, this is the place for you!

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