Brunch all you can eat buffet in Barceloneta – Bar Celoneta

Brunch all you can eat buffet in Barceloneta - Fruits salad
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On 21/04/2013
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A brunch place in Barceloneta is perfect for the summer time and if it’s all you can eat buffet we like it even more! There is no terrace, but the place is very cosy and two streets away from the beach.

Brunch all you can eat buffet in Barceloneta - OmeletteThe lovely spring (almost summer) weather in Barcelona brings us to discovery a new brunch in town, this time in neighbourhood Barceloneta. The place is average size for the neighbourhood, has two spaces connected by an arc and decorated with warm colours, yellow and white for the walls with a touch of red on doors and windows.  In this place called Bar Celoneta we could enjoy another all you can eat buffet and served ourselves directly from the counter. On the left side of it there were sweet dishes such as yogurt with cereals, three types of marmalades, nutella and honey to eat with multigrain bread and a delicious fruit salad served in original recently pressed half orange. On the right side of the buffet we could find the savoury dishes such as ham, cheese, grilled courgette, white asparagus, individual portions of salad and it was available as well a delicious cream balsamic vinegar. The price for the all you can eat buffet is 12€ and includes a ham and cheese tortilla or two fried eggs and a peach or orange juice as well. For those who have a sweet tooth, you can find cupcakes and carrot cake for 2,5€. A brunch buffet all you can eat in Barceloneta freshly opened for the hot season, what more do you want?

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