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Bernie’s restaurant can be found near Jaume I metro stop, and with its retro touches recreates a typical American ‘50s diner. Its brunch menu offers healthy options like fruit salad and a bowl of cereal with fruit and yoghurt, although there’s also no lack of egg dishes, bagels and pancakes, all at reasonable prices.

Bernies brunch Barcelona

Siddhi was my companion for this brunch. She was the winner of a competition I ran on facebook to find expats who wanted to talk to me about their favourite brunch in the city. Siddhi is the author of the travel blog “Dream.Plan.Adventure.Repeat.” She has spent many years living in Europe, although she’s originally from the USA, and so an ideal companion for this brunch which aims to recreate typical brunches from the other side of the Atlantic.

We ordered the “American pancakes”, served with smoky grilled bacon and maple syrup, and the salmon bagel which came with avocado, rocket and Philadelphia cheese.

Salmon bagel

The food was washed down with an orange juice and a Bloody Mary. The latter, as Siddhi (a self-proclaimed expert of Bloody Marys) assured me, was very well prepared.

We also had two “berry chill smoothies”, which were delicious, but so filling we had no room left for dessert!

Bloody Mary Bernies

The place in itself has its charm, although it’s not very discreet since you can see every single table from the outside. So, if you need some privacy, be sure to book a table before you go there.

Details Bernie's

If you are going there by car, we know that finding a parking can be “mission impossible”. I recommend you to book your parking spot and you can do it saving up to 70% of the price. This way you won’t need to think about anything else other than just enjoy this american brunch in Born.

Map brunch Barcelona

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