All-you-can-eat buffet in Sant Antoni – Tonka bar

All-you-can-eat buffet in Sant Antoni - Tonka bar - Buffet
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A Sunday brunch with an all-you-can-eat buffet in neighbourhood Sant Antoni. Tonka bar offers a nice terrace, a cosy space, a playroom for children and some very nice food for a fair price.

All-you-can-eat buffet in Sant Antoni - Tonka bar CheesesAnother brunch in neighbourhood Sant Antoni, but this time, instead of choose from the brunch menu, we decided to try the Sunday all-you-can-eat buffet. To reserve a table at Tonka bar is pretty easily and you can do it per phone or through their webpage. When you arrive at Tonka you can see on the right side the entrances, one is for the restaurant itself and the other one is called “Tonka’s kitchen”, which is also a lovely playroom for children. This place is perfect to come with friends or family with children. The buffet consists of a variety of flavourful food like cereals, yogurt, different kind of breads, marmalade, cheese, cold cuts, gratin, focaccia, hummus, fruits and a lot more. Drinks included in the buffet prize of 12€ are one of different kind of coffees and teas as long as milk, orange juice and water for free.

Their brunch menu concedes the possibility to make your own combination, choosing between organic eggs, organic meat or tofu sausages, potatoes and sauté vegetables You can ask for your café con leche with soya or bio milk. For mimosa lovers, in Tonka bar you can enjoy your brunch with this great drink! The staff was really capable and friendly and in such a relaxed and cosy environment you want to stay there until teatime to try one of their cakes, which looked delicious on the counter, specially because everything is prepared in their own kitchen. Their lunch menu and their tapas look really yummy with original, healthy and qualitative food. They use fresh and natural food and most of it is bio and local food. Considering the quality, the gorgeous place and friendly service, I consider the relation with money more than fair.

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