All-you-can-eat brunch buffet in Barcelona downtown – Les Delicies


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Les Delicies is the restaurant in Hotel Catalonia, near Plaza Catalunya. It’s a relatively small space with a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere, with quiet music that lets you keep up a pleasant level of conversation. The adjacent terrace, with its four tables, is ideal to take a break from the food and, if you’re a smoker, to “breathe some fresh air”.


The staff are professional and at the same time friendly. If there’s an empty plate or glass, they come and get it straight away, and their friendliness makes you feel right at home.

The buffet is generous and include cheese, cold meats and sausages, pastries and breads, salads, puddings and also two choices of fish and various kinds of hot meat.


The high quality is obvious and there’s lots of organic produce. The pastries comes straight from France and they have its characteristic touch of butter.  


In addition to the buffet there’s a menu with a selection of warm dishes such as: Eggs Benedict, hamburgers or fish. There’s 6 hot miniature plates in total and you can order them as many times as you like.


For the drinks, at the end of the buffet there’s a machine where you can get yourself a Nespresso, or First Tea for a hot drink. On the buffet itself there’s a range of natural fruit juices and a selection of detox juices, also bottled juices and water. The price for the brunch (29€ for adults, 22 euro for children between 9 and 14, and 16€ for under-9s) includes a Mimosa or a Bellini – which they bring straight to your table.


You can enjoy this brunch every Sunday between 12.30pm and 4pm.

Finally, the jewel in the crown of this brunch is, without doubt, the solarium with a swimming pool in the hotel which you can enjoy along with a last coffee and, if you like, also have a swim!

What are you waiting to book your table?


This brunch in a hotel with swimming pool it’s perfect for a special occasion and to relax in a oasis that seams to be far away from the city chaos.


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