A Special Coworking Experience in Bansko

I know that a post title without the word brunch, or coffee, seems weird on this blog. The idea was to make a brunch AND a coworking experience in Bulgaria. I chose Bansko specifically, a village in the mountain that is two hours by car from Sofia, the capital. However, it seems that I did not choose the best time to visit because on the 15th of April they had just closed the ski season and many cafes and restaurants were also closed.

But even if I haven’t been successful with the dates and I couldn’t do brunch in Bansko nor in Sofia, I have decided to write this post because my experience at the coworking in Bansko has been very special and it is one of those experiences that are worth sharing.

Bansko is a renowned destination for skiing in Bulgaria and it seems that in the winter season this town hosts a large number of temporary residents.

However, in the last year and a half this town has also become an ideal destination for online entrepreneurs and digital nomads, especially for ski enthusiasts, but also for those who are looking for a quiet place where they can concentrate on their business and where to be in contact with a community of people with common interests with whom to share an active social life.

Hot Springs in Izgreva, a nearly weekly activity at the coworking Bansko

Among the many people who have passed through Bansko, many of them have decided to stay and several have even invested in buying an apartment taking advantage of a very favorable real estate market.

What I liked most about the coworking itself

  • There are two spaces, the quiet space, and the social space. In the quiet space, as the name indicates, the rule is silence. So, if you are one of those who needs silence to work, this space is perfect. In the “social” space you’d also get work done, but there are no complaints if someone starts talking.
  • The chairs are very comfortable, which allowed me to work for many hours without having back pain.
  • The coworking is at street level, which gave me a feeling of freedom compared to other spaces that are more like apartments in a building.
  • There is a terrace with tables where I could enjoy the afternoon sun. In summer there are also hammocks and a big umbrella for the shade.

What I liked most about the coworking community in Bansko

  • I’m convinced that in Bansko there is a special energy that attracts extraordinary people who allow the energy to flow harmoniously.
  • It was never so easy to connect with strangers who became friends after a few hours.
  • Everyone is available to help and answer questions about Bulgaria and their experiences.
  • Almost every day there is an activity: movie night, dinners, hot springs, hiking, workshops or barbecues (if the weather allows it).
  • There is a Facebook group for members that allows direct and simultaneous contact with everyone.

What I liked most about Bansko

  • It’s a small mountain town where it seems that stress does not exist.
  • You can walk everywhere and at any time because is very safe. I was in the middle of my journey to my healthy forties and in those two weeks, I lost more weight than I would have if I was in Barcelona. This is mostly because I was walking every day and we also went on a hike to enjoy a beautiful sunny morning in nature.
  • The people of the town with whom I interacted, even though I could not communicate in words because we did not speak the same language, seemed very kind to me. Contrary to what many say that the Bulgarians are not friendly people …
  • It is cheap! Very cheap! Compared to Barcelona, where it is almost impossible to find a decent rental apartment for less than 1000€, here you can get a flat, with a separate bedroom, for 150/200€ per month. Yep, I’m serious!

I left Bansko well charged with lots of great energy and I’m seriously considering to move there. In case you are thinking that I have gone crazy, I recommend you to try this amazing experience that coworking Bansko offers.

If you want to read more about Bansko and what others have written about, you can visit the coworking Bansko website and their Facebook page where they usually share a lot of information. On my Instagram account, I have also highlighted the stories of my 12 days.

What do you think, would you now like to pay a visit? 😉

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  1. 1
    I suspect the flat was that cheap because the ski season just ended. Bulgaria is cheap in general but Bansko is reknown to be an expensive place, something for rich Bulgarian and European tourists.
    • 2
      I met people who moved there and that's what they are paying for a long term rent. Sure, if you go there for just 1 month during the high season, then you have to expect higher price.

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