7 healthy brunch recipes, because brunch it’s not just fat food

7 healthy brunch recipes

During the Christmas holidays, it’s hard not to put on a few kilos, but the important thing is that one of your new year’s resolutions is to go back to a healthy diet. That’s why today I’m bringing you 7 healthy brunch recipes so that you can keep brunching without feeling guilty. Whoever said that brunch is only for fatty food?

On Auxy Ordóñez’s website, Postres Saludables (Healthy Desserts), I’ve found three sweet recipes which are perfect for brunch. You might wonder how a brownie cupcake can be healthy, but you will understand looking at the ingredients.

Auxy makes wonderful videos, perfectly explaining the step-by-step process of making these delicacies. Click on the photos to go directly to the recipes on her site. The recipes are in Spanish, but you know how it works – right-hand button in Chrome and “Translate into English”.


Cocoa brownie cupcakes

Coco Brownie Cupcakes


Porridge 3 ways

avena saludable


Crunchy apple pancakes

pancakes crujientes-de-manzana



For the savoury recipes let’s start with one that has a very exotic name: Shakshuka. You’ll find it on Tori Avey’s blog.



Caprese stuffed avocado

On Laylita’s blog I found this marvelous recipe for avocado, filled with caprese salad. There are different schools of thought on the health benefits of avocado, but as with anything, the important thing is not to exaggerate!



Stewed peas with egg

If eggs are more your thing, try this recipe for stewed peas with egg, from Pati Ventana’s blog Divina Cocina.

stewed peas with eggs

Cauliflower pizza

Last but not least, and to permit ourselves a small whim, let’s brunch on pizza! Yes, you’ve read correctly, I wrote pizza, but it’s a healthy version of it. A cauliflower pizza which I’ve come across on Auxy’s blog.

coliflower pizza

7 healthy brunch recipes - pinterest



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Healthy brunch recipes

to keep brunching and not feel guilty about your diet.





*I had to delete the links to Auxy’s blog because apparently her blog is not working anymore and I had errors.

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