7 egg recipes on video perfect for brunch

7 egg recipes for your brunch

You’ve probably already seen one of those videos on facebook, where they film someone from above, cooking something in fast forward. Most of them look super easy, right?

There are quite a few sites which have adopted this technique, with great success and with millions of views – which has led to more recipes being filmed and more pages starting to use the same technique. Between the most famous youtube channels we have tasty and tasty meals.

I’ve selected some brunch recipes that have been filmed like this, and here I present the easiest, best egg recipes, so that you can get a few ideas for your home-made brunch.

Eggs Benedict

Definitely these are a classic in every brunch. This version is pretty simpler though!


Healthy option

It always good to have a healthy breakfast option. This egg is served with sweet potato, black beans, peppers, spinach and avocado.


Deep-fried devilled eggs

If you like spicy food, you’ll love these hard boiled, fried and stuffed eggs! Make sure you adjust the spicy quota to your taste.


Egg in a galette

Galette (yes, it looks pretty much like a pizza) with bacon, tomatoes, cheese and eggs.


Huevos rancheros-ish

These baked eggs are made in a pretty similar way as the ranchero style eggs.


Egg in a potato

Pretty easy recipe where you use a potato, you stuff it and bake it. I think the result may amaze your guests.  


Egg in a bread basket

In this recipe we will be using bread as a basket and good things will be happening in the oven. Don’t forget the vegetables to give a healthy touch 😆


Between all of these recipes, what’s your favourite one? Are you fancy to try any of these? 🍳 😋

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