40+ Cafes with Specialty Coffee in Barcelona – The Complete List

Specialty Coffee in Barcelona - The complete list

Some time ago I wrote a post about specialty coffee where I summarized the results of my searches on what, for me, was a new concept. In addition, having met several baristas and people directly involved with specialty coffee, allowed me to discover several points of view and also to develop my own, which I tried to convey in that same post where I explain what is specialty coffee. I, then, wrote more articles where I asked two baristas and a blogger, what were their favorite cafes where to enjoy a specialty coffee in Barcelona.

If you live in Barcelona you have probably noticed how the culture of specialty coffee has been spreading around and how many new cafes have opened in several points of the city.

Mainly for that reason, I wanted to create this complete list that aims to cover ALL coffee shops that use specialty coffee in Barcelona. Well, you know that I love lists and I have started to work on this one since the moment I found out about specialty coffee. At the moment there are over 40 and some of them I haven’t yet had the opportunity to test them personally.

The idea is to leave the information available to everyone, sorted by neighborhood and in alphabetical order and modify it as soon as I discover that they have opened some new cafe or closed another.

To make it easier for you to locate all the places, this is the map that shows all the cafes that appear in the list. I hope you find it useful.

Map of all the cafes with Specialty Coffee in Barcelona

Go to the online map

Considering that I am going to modify the information of this post as it is changing, this will not be a static article. So, save it in the list of your favorites because it will be your reference for all those times that you fancy a specialty coffee in Barcelona and/or you want to try a different place. By the way, do not forget to share it with all those friends who love specialty coffee.

And do not hesitate to leave me a comment if you discover a new cafe or you know that one has closed. I love to think that this will be a community post created by and for all specialty coffee fans, regardless of whether you are an expert in coffee or not, if you drink coffee every day, or only once a month, if you put sugar In your coffee, if you still do not appreciate the taste of chocolate or walnuts or if you do not differentiate an Ethiopian coffee from one from Guatemala. You do not have to be a barista or be a coffee expert to enjoy a specialty coffee, regardless of your reasons.

Here is the list. Every cafe’s name is linked to google maps, this way you are able to see the opening hours, photos, maybe a phone number and, most important, you can see what is the best way to reach the cafe.


Double B – Carrer del Consolat de Mar, 47

It’s the perfect place to enjoy a good specialty coffee surrounded by calm, tranquility and silence.

El Magnífico – Carrer de l’Argenteria, 64

In this space, they are no tables, but the place is very cute and, if you are lucky, you can see how they roast their coffees while you drink one.

Mag by El Magnifico – Carrer de Grunyí, 10

Here they do have tables, but they only open from Friday to Sunday until 6pm.

Nømad Coffee Lab – Passatge Sert, 12

Eixample Dreta

El Petit Princep – Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 677

Hole – Carrer de Valencia, 352

Satan’s at Casa Bonay – Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes, 700

You can order the coffee at Satan’s and enjoy it at the hotel Casa Bonay’s wonderful cafe.

Eixample Esquerra

Auto Rossellón – Carrer del Rossellón, 182

Cosmo – Carrer d’Enric Granados, 3

A cafe that is also an art gallery.

Cosmo La Central – Carrer de Mallorca, 237

The cafe inside the bookstore. Cozy design and a lovely terrace.

ChichaLimoná – Passeig de Sant Joan, 80

Ideal to enjoy a good coffee accompanied by a delicious cake. Also included in the post 10 cafes with Wi-Fi in Barcelona.

Flax & Kale à Porter (with H&M) – Passeig de Gràcia, 11

A cafe on the top floor of H&M. Theoretically take away, but there are plenty of tables.

Frenesí – Carrer del Comte d’Urgell, 115

A small place designed to feel at home or in your office. Included in the post 10 cafes with Wi-Fi in Barcelona.

Hammock Juice Station – Carrer de Mallorca, 308

Hanging hammocks to relax while you enjoy a good coffee.

Orbea Cycle Coffee – Carrer del Consell de Cent, 321

A coffee corner inside a bicycle shop. Here the espresso is served with a small food pairing.

Roast Club Cafe – Carrer de València, 143

Somewhere Cafè – Carrer d’Aragó, 310

A very spacious place with big wooden steps where you can sit.

Wer-Haus – Carrer d’Aragó, 287

A cafe inside a clothing store in an industrial style space.


Bermont Coffee – Carrer de Bretón de los Herreros, 4

Bicioci Bike Cafe – Carrer de Venus, 1Bicioci – Carrer de Venus, 1

The theme of this cafe is bikes and is reflected in its decoration. Also, here they serve the best tiramisù in town!

Onna Coffee – Carrer de Santa Teresa, 1

They serve only Costa Rican coffees which they toast themselves. There also serve some food.

SlowMov – Carrer de Luis Antúnez, 18

In the cafe, they have a space where they roast their own coffee. All the products they sell are local and almost all of them are organic.

Syra Coffee – Carrer de Siracusa, 13

Many know this cafe for its delicious coffees. They do not have tables, they serve coffee only in paper cups to take away.


Black Remedy – Carrer de la Ciutat, 5

A designer decor for this place where they serve many types of coffees and variety of food.

Satan’s Coffee Corner – Carrer de l’Arc de Sant Ramon del Call, 11

Important rules of this place: No decaf, no Wi-Fi.

Les Corts

Hidden Café – Carrer Constança corner Déu i Mata


Skye Coffee Co. at Espai 88 – Carrer Pamplona, 88

A coffee truck parked inside a large design space.

Espai Joliu – Carrer de Badajoz, 95

Nømad Roaster’s Home – Carrer de Pujades, 95

Súper Coffee & Food Store – Carrer de Roc Boronat, 102

Poble Sec

Pimienta Café – Carrer de Radas, 51

A small space focused on coffee to take away. There are no tables.

Spice CaféCarrer de Margarit, 13

Great coffee and amazing cakes!


Caravelle – Carrer del Pintor Fortuny, 31

Nordic style café where good coffee accompanies good food.

Dalston Coffee – Carrer de les Ramelleres, 16

Another small space where they have no tables.

Departure Coffee – Carrer de la Verge 1

The newly opened they all love. We will have to go try it soon.

Nømad Every Day – Carrer de Joaquín Costa, 26

Focused on coffee to take away. They also have ice cream and more drinks. They do not have tables.

Tàber Cafè – Carrer de Joaquín Costa, 47

A nice place to sit down and accompany your coffee with a piece of homemade cake.

The Deli Kitchen – Carrer de la Riereta, 15

Good coffee is accompanied by healthy food.

Sant Antoni

Café Cometa – Carrer del Parlament, 20

They have one of the cutest terraces in town, delicious cakes, and tables also on the top floor.

Manso’s Café – Carrer de Manso, 1

The Bike Club – Carrer de Sepúlveda, 6

Coffee provided by The Milk & Coffee inside a shop/rental/bike shop.

The Juice House – Carrer Parlament, 12

Specialty coffee to accompany healthy food every day of the week.

Sant Gervasi

On y va – Carrer de la Ciutat de Balaguer, 45

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