10 Reasons why Brunch is the Best Meal of the Week

reasons to love brunch

Breakfast, aperitif, lunch, snack, dinner or brunch…  What’s your favourite one?

I wouldn’t be writing this blog if brunch wouldn’t be my favourite meal and if you are reading this it’s probably because you also like it. If you are still not 100% sure about it, let me give you 10 reasons to increase your love for brunch.

1. Money and time saver

Just think – you’re having two meals in one!


2. Variety and different kinds of food

There are those who like to eat the same thing every day, and there are those who like new flavours, and experimenting with original and daring combinations. Brunchers belong to the latter group. In any case, if you fancy a hamburger but your friends want pancakes, you don’t have to argue – on the brunch menu you’ll find both options.


3. Flexibility with timing

Brunch is usually served in quite a wide time window: between 11am and 5pm (without even going into those venues that serve it at any time of day). This flexibility, combined with the variety of food on offer, means you can easily schedule in a brunch with that friend who’s already spent several hours in the gym.


4. It’s a great excuse to get out of bed on a Sunday

Think of those winter Sundays – it’s cold and you’ve just woken up, but the only thing that’s appealing right now is staying under those cosy covers that are keeping you so snug and warm. Suddenly, you visualise pancakes with mascarpone cream and red berries, or perhaps poached eggs with the yellow-orange yolk just running down the side. Wouldn’t you leap out of bed, grab the first item of clothing that comes to hand and go find a brunch?


5. It’s a great hangover remedy

On the one hand, it seems that drinking more alcohol when hungover helps lessen the effects of alcohol withdrawal. On the other hand, they do say that greasy food helps the body soak up alcohol.


6. A great atmosphere and delicious coffee

Brunch places are always cute and welcoming. They also usually have very good baristas who know how to make a good coffee.


7. You can enjoy a solitary brunch

If your friends have all disappeared, why not enjoy a solitary brunch? Or better, a brunch in the company of a good book, a newspaper, or your laptop… Don’t forget that a lot of brunch-serving places have wifi.


8. Alcohol in the morning

It isn’t usually socially acceptable to drink before a certain time, but with brunch of course you can drink, even if it is only 11am.


9. Relaxed atmosphere

In a lot of places you can enjoy your brunch while comfortably sat on a sofa, and it’s quite likely that no-one will judge you for reading the newspaper in sunglasses and your jogging kit.


10. Great company

It’s the time that you share with your friends – relaxed moments when you can tell each other everything you didn’t get round to the night before, because even shouting like a crazy person didn’t make your communication easy.


Would you like to add any more reasons? Leave a comment and let’s talk about it 😉

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