10 Indispensable Products for Brunch Addicts


If you truly are a brunch freak, you might have tried to make brunch at home. You have probably googled ‘brunch recipes’ and voila! – thousands of recipes appear, so where are you meant to start? Maybe with one that doesn’t require too many specialised pieces of equipment, because for your last birthday you were too embarrassed to ask for brunch making-tools. Anyway, you might have thought that your parents wouldn’t have known where to start looking for such specialist equipment.

Don’t worry though, I’ll settle this problem for you with this list of brunch products, or why else would they call me the ‘brunch-lady’?

Let’s start with the eggs… 🍳 I mean, do you like them poached or hard boiled? Maybe scrambled, or baked?

1. Silicone mold to microwave eggs 

This silicone mold from Lékué is your best friend for preparing a hard boiled or poached egg, and will save you a lot of time as you can prepare the eggs in the microwave.

Silicone mold for microwaved eggs - brunch products


2. Foldable whisker

Are you more a scrambled person? Then reach for your whisker!  Ahhh, do you still have one of those that takes up loads of room in the cutlery draw? Then check out this invention that I’ve come across. It helps you reclaim some space in your cutlery draws, and when you’re making a cake this one doesn’t come away with half the dough!

magic whisker - brunch products


3. Cast iron saucepan

You know those recipes that start off on the hob and wind up with you breaking an egg over what you’ve made and baking it in the oven 🍳? This saucepan is ideal for that. It’s made with cast iron, and is even suitable for use on the BBQ. It has an anti-stick treatment, but doesn’t contain any teflon (which can be bad for your health).

Cast iron saucepan - brunch products


4.  3 in 1 avocado cutter 

And what are you going to have those eggs with? Avocado is always good, and not just because it’s tasty and adds colour, but also because it’s very healthy. If, like me, you’re the kind of person who has only just introduced this fruit into your diet, it may be that you’re not the best at cutting and preparing it. Here’s a 3 in 1 avocado cutter that will help you not cut up your fingers too much in the process!

Avocado cutter 3 in 1 - brunch products


5. Huts for leftovers

As well as avocado, your savoury plate might need some slices of tomatoes or peppers. Were you going to throw away the leftovers, because you’re worried that once cut up fruit and veg goes off in the fridge? Now you won’t have to, because they’ve invented these huts for leftovers. There are four, all of varying sizes.

Cover your cute veg and fruit - brunch products


6. Egg yolk separator 

Maybe now we ought to move on to sweet recipes, that can require a little more preparation and which always seem to ask us to separate the white from the yolk! What?? Don’t panic, now there is this simple tool that help you along, and which couldn’t possibly be anything other than chicken-shaped!

Yolk separater - brunch products


7. Grill/Toaster/Waffles maker/Doughnuts maker

Now, this next gadget will make you look super professional, and you’ll see how impressed your guests will be at your brunch! A machine that acts like a grill for your hot baguettes, like a toasty maker for cheese sandwiches, a waffles maker, and a doughnuts maker. How cool is that?

waffle maker and toaster - brunch products


8. Hot plate for tea/coffee pot 

Let’s move on to the theme of drinks. Who likes getting up to make more tea or coffee, while comfortably enjoying your brunch?  Well now no-one will have to, not with this heater. Make a large amount of tea or coffee, put it in a tea pot, and leave it on top of this hot plate, where a simple little candle will make sure the delicious liquid keeps hot.

Tea pot heater - brunch products


9. Blender that chops, grinds and juices

Fruit can’t possibly be lacking in your daily diet, and that includes brunch. Have you still not learnt how to cut fruit up to present it nicely? Save yourself a little time and make some smoothies or juice blends 🍹, which are, in any case, very fashionable!

This blender will not only blitz smoothies for you, but can also chop, grind, and juice. What more could you want?

blender 4 in 1 - brunch products


10. Bread maker

I left the best until last. This machine will definitely get your friends talking about you and how brunch-crazy you’re becoming. It’s a bread-making machine 🍞, and if you already have one, please accept my congratulations! Nowadays we’re very aware of the low-quality ingredients that go into mass-produced bread. Why do you think it’s always getting cheaper?

With this machine you can make your own bread in your own home, with whatever flours you prefer, and with all kinds of different recipes. Who doesn’t like freshly made bread?

Home made bread machine


Of course, this list of 10 indispensable brunch products will also be useful for you if you’re running low on ideas for your loved ones. It would be an directly indirect way to convert your friends and family into brunch fans too! 😁😁😁

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